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IBPS Clerk 3 Answers / Question Paper 2013

The Institute of Banking Personal Selection (IBPS) is conducted the examination for Clerk 3 on 30th November, 1st December, 7th December, 8th December, 14th December and 15th December at many various examination centers. after IBPS Clerk 3 examination finished candidates are searching IBPC Clerk 3 Answer Key to analysis their scores.Here are some questions / answers 30th November question paper you can solve these question paper or get idea to next paper.current GK questions here which exam was held on 30th November 2013 in the Morning Shift.

Question Asked in IBPS Clerk 3 Morning Exam

1. Name of the wife of the PM of India: Gursharan Kaur

2. Where Sachin played his last one day: Dhaka

3. EFT: Electronic Fund Transfer

4. Yerewon is capital of: Armenia

5. The Satanic verses is written by: Salman Rushdie

6. Bank assurance is done by: Banking channel

7. 2 question on kyc

8. Largest tea export is: Assam & West Bengal

9. Who deals with the complaints of customers: Banking Onbudsman

10.Brazil currency – Real

11. ECS full form – Electronic Clearing System

12. Indira Gandhi peace prize 2012 – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

13. Devdas book written by – Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay

14. Tatason tied up with which to promote Indian airlines – Singapore airlines.

15. Which Indian film representing in 2014 in Oscar – The Good Ro

16. 60th national awards best film – Paan Singh Tomar

17. Largest coffe exporting state: Karnataka

18. Mc-x chairman: Satyananda Mishra former Chief Information Commissioner (CIC)

19. One question on self help group?

20. The rate at which bank cannot lend money % of sponserd bank state govt and central govt

21. Banks which are nationalized in second schedule act are known as: Scheduled Commercial Banks’

22. Human rights day-10 Dec

23. The time limit for resolution of customer complaints in banks has been reduced from 12 days to- 7 days

24. MNREGA- no. of days-100days

25. IFSC Alphanumeric code how many digits-11 digit

26. Enterprise where investment in plant and machinery does not exceed 25 lakh-micro enterprise

27. Credit information agency-Cibil

28. Rupay card launched by- NPCI

29. Central bank of India-RBI

30. To increase liquidly -Repo rate must be decreased

31. Best foreign language film at the 86th academy awards-Armour

32. One Qs related to CASA RATIO?

33. Noble peace prize 2013 -OPCW

34.Upto one lakh insurance in banks done by-DICGC

Evening Shift Clerk-III Answer Key 2013 – 30/11/2013

1.largest tea exportr
2.who deals vd cpmplaints of consumers
3.author satanic verses
4.many questions wer der on cheques and on clearing system
5.2 questions on KYC
6.16 digt code on cheque-MICR
7.Yerevan is capital of-Armenia
8.cts cheques is of vch yr…CTS 2010
9.vch of these does not include retail bankng-options were home loan,personal loan,investmnt
consultancy..etc etc
10.drive to include smal people vd bank-financial inclusion
11..banking organisation vd captl of 10lakh is caled
12.vch of these is a public sector bank-options wer pvt banks name n 1 of j&k Bank
13.iifa 2013 best film
14.sachin playd last ODI where
15.banks calculate interest on basis of what time and capital
16.rbi provde loan to banks..wat it is caled
17.PLR is replaced by
18.loan cnt b provided below vch rate…bank rate
19.india won how many medals in sumer london olympcs 2012
20.ful form of ETF-electronic fund transfr
21.faclty to withdrw mony to farmrs..kisan credit card
22.question abt electronic data capture(Not remembered properly)
23.tesi thomas relatd to what
24.ful form of bsba
25.if rbi reduces crr dn wat hapens…credit suply increases
26.statue in gujart
27.swarozgar yojana comes under vch departmnt

Morning Shift Clerk-III Answer Key 2013 – 1/12/2013

1. Which country hosted the 23rd CHOGM summit 2013?- Sri Lanka in Colombo
2. World Diabetes day?- 14 November
3. Who was the Miss Universe 2013?- María Gabriela Isler from Venezuela
4. Full form SLR?- Statutory Liquidity ratio
5. Name the Indian who scored double century against Australia recently?- Rohit Sharma
6. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is located in which state?- Andhra Pradesh
7. Who won Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration 2013?- M.S. Swaminathan
8. Name the play bank singer who got Bharat Ratna?- Lata mangeskar in 2001
9. Indian gran pix winner 2013?- Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull)
10. Women pension scheme is named after?
11. Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) in cheque has how many character?- 9
12. Micro loans related one question
13. One question related to Kisan credit card
14. One question related to demand deposit
15. Who is the author of Casual Vacancy?- J.K Rowling
16. Largest Exporter Country of Gold?
17. Sergey Bubka is related with which sports?- Pole Vault
18. At which place Indian Grand Prix was held?- Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
19. Largest Producing Country for Coffee?
20. Which organization working for welfare of women?
21. ATM operated by non banking entities?- White Label ATM
22. NSAP is related with which leader?
23. Question related to Sec 46 Banking Regulation Act
24. Which product improves credit flow in agriculture?
25. EMI goes on?
26. Converting physical share into electronic form?
27. Which of the following is not a negotiable instrument?
28. A banknote of which portion is missing or which is composed of more than two pieces is known as?
29. NPCI 24×7 related?
30. Vodafone and ICICI launched unique mobile transfer called?- M-Pesa
31. Banking Companies (Nomination) Rule 1985 related question
32. SKOPJE is a birthplace of which famous personality?- Mother Teresa

Morning Shift Clerk-III Answer Key 2013 – 7/12/2013

1.President of france
2.Two ques on ECS
3.CHPGM 2015 will held at Malta
4. One question related to money market
5. Joseph Antons Was written by Salmam Rushdie
6.person to get grand slam after Rafel Nadel
7.fullform of NPA 8. Washed or crushed note is known as Imperfect note.

8. nxt common wealth meeting,

9. atp barclay tournament winner,

10. water conservation day,

11. number of constitution amendments passed,

12. host country of Commonwealth games 2015

13. Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana – road connectivity scheme 8.Basel committee on banking supervision

We are update here 7th December 2013 Evening Shift Answer Key as soon as possible so candidates should keep in touch and visit this page again for more update and candidates can also share their answers.

30/11/2013 : Morning Shift & Evening Shift

1/12/2013 : Morning Shift & Evening Shift

7/12/2013 : Morning Shift & Evening Shift

8/12/2013 :  Morning Shift & Evening Shift

14/12/2013 : Morning Shift & Evening Shift

15/12/2013 : Morning Shift & Evening Shift

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